Hotel Sita Palace is situated in the heart of Janakpurdham at Ramananda Chowk, the city full of lakes and temples that carries a long way history of Hinduism. Janakpur is at a road distance of 303 kilometers from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu and if you wish to take a flight from Kathmandu, its just a 25 minutes flight. The city lies in the Terai belt of the country where you will be able to see all the paddy fields and the dense forests before reaching the place. It is famous because of the hospitality and the warmth that people carry in their hearts for the people that reach Janakpur.

This is a place where Sita was born, the wife of Lord Ram, who as per the epic Ramayana, killed Ravan, the king of the demons. This is the place where Ram married Sita. Anyone who visits Janakpur can see one of the most beautiful temple in the world of Sita which is called Janaki Temple. We can also see temple of Lord Ram and Bibah Mandap which is called as to be the place where Ram and Sita got Married.

Hotel Sita Palace is one of the best hotels that you can ever get in janakpur. It has got 25 rooms all with air-conditioned and the hospitality of the staffs and the cleanliness of the Hotel definitely attracts you once you reach here. If you are taking a bus to reach here, the bus drops you to the exact place where the Hotel is located.